About Us

Sabon Sake is a regenerative agricultural startup. Sabon Sake means to make new or transform in the Hausa language of Ghana. Pronunciation — Pronunciation · IPA: /saˈbon/, [sɐˈbon]. Hyphenation: sa‧bón. Sake [sa-keh, or sa-ki] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sabon

At Sabon Sake, we focus on soil health and improving soil carbon density. Our efforts center on restoration and remediation of soil and landscapes that are degraded to improve soil quality for rural and urban farmers.

Our motivation is to enable people to have renewed and thriving soil to grow food for themselves easily and ensure circularity in the agricultural value chain. Our goals are to ensure that the food we eat is healthy and nutrient rich and empower, specifically, female farmers to engage in organic farming and tap into opportunities available to organic farmers.

At Sabon Sake, we believe in the potential of sustainable regenerative agriculture.
We understand what it means for future generations and thus we aim to elevate it to the forefront of the industry. As food supply chains around the world evolve and adapt in response to climate change and human activity, the need to sustain these value chains grows exponentially.
Sabon Sake is accelerating that evolution and equipping clients with the products they need to do adapt.


Sabon Sake was established with a mission to make eco-friendly fertilizer easily accessible to its valued customers whilst reducing the effect of poor farming techniques and climate change on our soils. Our aim is to become the market leader and pioneering brand for climate-smart organic farming & agricultural management in the sub-Saharan Africa. 


Sabon Sake has the vision to be the leading provider of a hundred percent organic fertilizer in Africa by 2045, providing small scale fertilizer production units across various agricultural waste producing districts in Ghana and beyond to increase accessibility and supply of fertilizer to farmers, greenhouses, and private individuals/institutions. 

Our Values

Integrity & Ethical Leadership are at the center of our operation as an organization. We believe accountability and responsible practices are the key to forging long-lasting community founded upon trust. Our family of clients, customers and stakeholders are interconnected and are expected to uphold these guiding principles. 

Sustainable Farming & Environmentalism are core values of our organization. We invest resources into programs designed to ensuring our customers understand the importance of preserving natural resources and minimizing wastage and emissions from their work​. 

Partnership, Teamwork and Collaboration. We recognize and value collaboration and the role of partnerships in achieving our mission. 

Quality: We produce and provide only the best of products and services