Terracare Soil Doctor

What is it?

Terra means earth or in this case land/soil. Providing the needed tools, inputs and knowledge to care for the earth and regenerate it.

Sabon Sake is providing an on demand web solution for individuals, especially in urban landscapes who want to successfully grow or plant both for floriculture or horticulture, as a hobby or commercially whether as first timers or not. We are championing an urban farming movement/ backyard farming. Bringing to your doorstep the most supportive farm assistants and knowledgeable people to your doorstep. Just one click away. Here you have access to knowledge brokers on managing your backyard farm or garden.

Starting a backyard farm just got easier. Join the wave today. By signing up…

Where you can easily book for on-demand help via our website for planting in your own private home, set up, need a landscaping job done well, want to know how to grow a specific veggie? We are your trusted helpline. We provide simple guides, various tools and expert assistance holding your hands throughout the before, during and after of planting. 


 First, select the nearest TerraCare Farm expert close to your vicinity on the map below.

Then, select your area of concern from the options on the left side of the map to be addressed with (urban) farming or send a direct  message to the TerraCare Farm help using the SEND US A MESSAGE section

You can activate the helpline number for a home visit and/or have a response to your problem between 24 – 48 hour maximum.


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